Local Climate (Zululand)

The eMakhosini Valley, in which the uMuzi Bushcamp (537m above sea level) is situated, is in the north-eastern part of KwaZulu Natal in the hills and valleys of the coastal hinterland. It falls within the summer rainfall region, experiencing a warm to hot and humid sup-tropical climate.

Rainfall occurs mainly in summer from October to March with the peak of the rainy season falling in January. Although the rainfall is fairly reliable, droughts are apt to occur about once in seven years. Average rainfall varies from 670mm to 950mm.

Average daily temperature ranges from about 28ºC in January to 22ºC in July, although extremes can reach 43ºC and 34ºC respectively. Frost is practically unknown except very occasionally in some interior valleys.

The predominating winds blow from the north-east and south-west. Gale force winds are experienced along the upper slopes of the high ridges. During the north-easterly winds in summer, sweltering warm to hot days are experienced. Cloudy weather occurs with south-westerly winds. Very occasionally hot westerly winds blow off the interior plateau causing temperatures to rise above 38ºC.

A cooling breeze blows through the uMuzi every evening taking the edge out of the heat in summer

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