"Tinta" pronounced "teen ta" in Zulu means to touch. This was the name given to Freddie Duke as a young boy growing up amongst the Zulu people.

Based at the uMuzi Bush Camp in the eMakhosini Valley - The Valley of the Zulu King's just a stone's throw away from Ondini, King Cetshwayo's capital which was overrun by British troops in 1879, Tinta Safaris is a family run business offering opportunities for the visitor to get in touch with rural Africa and its people. It is truly in the heartland of the Zulu nation.

The safari outfit is run by Rex Duke and he is dedicated to ensuring your stay is a genuine African experience getting you in touch with passed and present Africa its history, it's people and the ecosystems around them.


Zululand Accommodation - Ulundi

The uMuzi Bushcamp is in Ulundi, near Ondini, the site where the Zulu monarch, King Cetshwayo, built his royal residence which was destroyed by the British forces under Lord Chelmsford in 1879 during the Anglo-Zulu war.

Offering comfortable accommodation, eight of the huts have en suite shower  facilities and one has communal ablution facilities.

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Zululand Historic Tours

Depending on your interest tours can be arranged with the emphasis on:Zulu vs. Zulu It was on his return from exile to this valley as a young warrior that Shaka claimed the throne of the Zulu clan and set about building his empire from his capital Buluwayo...

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Zululand Cultural Tours

The eMakhosini is the valley from which the earliest Zulu Kings were born and died and it was from this valley that mighty Shaka created the great Zulu people. This is truly the heart of Zululand. Guided by us you can wander around the eMakhosini Valley the valley of the Zulu kings. Feel the touch of the spirit of the great King Shaka's forefathers as you view their graves and feel the spirit of sadness as you stand beside Dinizulu's grave the last of the seven Zulu Kings to be buried there.

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Zululand Big five Safaris

Visit the world famous Hluhluwe - Imfolozi Park only 30 km's away. This game reserve , being over a 100 years old , is the oldest declared game reserve in Africa. It is renowned for its successful program to save the once endangered White Rhino and is now in the forefront of the program to save the now endangered Black Rhino....

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